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Royalty Reversed - Help Us Give Back

Royalty Reversed - Kween Kloset gives 5% of sales back to the boys and girls clubs.

Introducing - Royalty Reversed

Kween Kloset and King Killection gives 5% back of profitable sales to local Boys and Girls Clubs. This initiative launched 9/2021. 


As many of us know, the local Boys and Girls Clubs are a non-profit that offers a fun and affordable learning experience for youth. Our mission is to give back to the youth in our local communities. We believe every child deserves a fair, healthy, and loving childhood experience so we have decided to donate 5% of our online merchandise profitable sales to local Boy and Girls Clubs of America. This includes any direct purchases of clothing on our websites , , and through Facebook, and Instagram. Join us in helping building our young people for the future! 



More photos to be posted soon! Stay Tuned!